Diversity & Inclusion

A lot of emphasis is given lately to diversity and inclusion, terms used interdependently. Diversity is often compared to being invited to the party, whereas inclusion is being asked to dance. And although it is important to be in the room, it would be more meaningful if you could dance, engage and feel like you belong. Diversity is not the end goal, but a means to a more inclusive, more just, and more effective workplace.

During this time when we need hope and direction, we have a few resources worth your time for consuming, learning from, and sharing.

The Privilege of Hope

On June 30, Kelli E.Palmer, a leader in IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Allyship) & sustainability initiatives worldwide, delivered a heartfelt virtual speech at Quadruplicity, Charlottesville’s largest and most diverse conference for women. Her carefully crafted words were woven together to inspire change, reflection and provide actions to be better. In response to all the inquires received, her speech stemmed into an op-ed, a toolkit, poem, and wisdom bites to achieve sustained behavior change.

Privilege of Hope

Up for a challenge?

We challenge you to an antiracism challenge because there is always room to grow, learn and improve.